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“Craft Nutrition is nutrition with ability. Nutrition that is proficient for the body.”


This is an introduction to food that has a capacity other food do not. In addition to educating on the building blocks of nutrition, it is a primer to what stands as Craft Nutrition. A distinctive collection of foods that are the ultimate in nutrition. Foods that have the distinctive characteristic as being the best food on Earth. Brought together by’s tenacity for progression and strength, established through confidence and optimism that they will provide the success and fortune that they gave Look for the different craft nutrients under Carbohydrates, Fat, Protein, Superfood, Supplements, and Cooking/Substitutes. First however, understand how these foods were shaped, starting with their biological building blocks…

Nutrition has a very important role in our lives…it keeps us alive! Survival can be a hassle, but nutrition can be a lot simpler and fun. Having to fight off the black bear that just spotted you while you were lighting the campfire is difficult and not fun. There is no reason preparing and cooking food should be that disastrous. Nutrition is stress-free when you know what your cooking, and your not running up a tree.

First lesson in nutrition is the basics of what you eat. Everything you eat can be broken down into two main categories macro-nutrients, including carbohydrates, fiber, fat, protein, and water, and micro-nutrients; minerals and vitamins. Each have a specific importance and role in your diet.

Carbohydrates are similar too fats as they posses both positive and negative qualities. Carbohydrates are classified as regarding the amount of units of sugar they have in them. So, gummy bears from the candy store and wild brown rice from Whole Foods are both carbs. However, they seem to be completely different. That is so, because of the amount of units of sugar in each. The gummy bears have just a few sugar units making them a ‘simple carb’ compared to the brown rice that has many units of sugar called ‘complex carb’. The difference between simple and complex is very important in nutrition because of the vast difference in health benefits. A simple carbohydrate is digested very quickly by the body which can cause weight gain quickly. Complex carbohydrates take much longer to be digested by the body, resulting in a healthier food to eat. A food that takes longer to digest is always healthier than a food that does not.

Fiber has an unfortunate accompaniment with digestion. Fiber does prevent and or relieve poor digestion, but I still don’t like having to write or talk about it in that sense. Fiber’s more attractive view is its very important role in weight loss, low cholesterol levels, and its controlling effects on blood sugar level.

Fat gets a bad wrap but plays a significant role in nutrition. Bad fat can literally kill you…You’ll look different in the short term, and have an unhealthy heart in the long term. Eating the right fat on the other hand will keep you alive longer. Omegas protect your heart as well as lower your cholesterol, as well as increasing ones mood, fighting fatigue, and controlling appetite.

Protein is responsible for protein synthesis in your body. Without protein synthesis your body would not be able to be able to produce muscle. Each protein is made of what are called amino acids. There are essential amino acids that the body cannot produce on their own or non-essential amino acids which the body does produce on their own. The essential amino acids need to be consumed through food sources.

Water is a necessity for the body to survive like food is. Without enough water we would die. Drinking the recommended amount of water a day 2.0 liters/day for females and 2.5 liters/day for a males, can be a difficult task that not many people do, however, it is very rewarding if you do. Proper hydration can help maintain the bodies balance of body fluid, control calories, energize muscles, keep skin looking good, help your kidney functions, and help maintain normal bowel function.

The micro-nutrients, minerals and vitamins are essential for the bodies processes and functions. Without a well balanced diet their crucial role in the body would be absent, leading to a few dangerous conditions. Thankfully, with a well balanced diet minerals and vitamins can go to work, growing, healing, repairing, and maintaining your bodies cells, systems, and skeletons.

Are you a bodybuilder that wants to consume heaps of protein to build muscle as fast as possible, or are you an endurance runner or cyclist needing lots of carbohydrates for a big race, or maybe you are someone who enjoys a very balanced diet making sure lots of healthy omega fats are involved. There are a lot of people out there with different diet plans, personal goals, specific targets; knowing your nutrition is how you can skip the angry bear and enjoy your campfire.

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