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Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers obviously knows what he’s doing. He led his team to the Super Bowl after taking over the team in dramatic fashion, and again in his sophomore season at the helm of the San Francsico 49ers, showing skill with throwing the ball and rushing, something only a few quarterbacks can do. MusclePharm supplements must see the same pedigree the football world does, as they vanquished any doubt they are one of the best supplement brands on the market today, when they  arranged Colin to be a leader in their supplement scheme. Their new commercials are red hot and so is their products. Pre-workout, post, and anywhere in between MusclePharm provides proprietary business with their line of products. Craftsmanship worth signing on 7 time Mr. Universe Arnold Schwarzenegger to brand their stroke, “Become your legacy”, how can you beat that, from a supplement supported by the man that defined a legacy and became a legend. With Kaepernick and Schwarzenegger both on board, MusclePharm is the best of the best.




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